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  • fluff is life

    fluff is life

    Have I drawn anything for myself lately? Unfortunately, not in a long while. For the past few months, I’ve just been obsessed with reading romance novels every chance I get. But, I find that this is typical of my art making process. I go through chunks of time where I’m inspired to draw everything for…

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  • MassArtober 2022 Drawing Challenge

    MassArtober 2022 Drawing Challenge

    Creating a piece of art every day during the month of October that relates to the themes above. I prefer my alma mater’s drawing challenge. It really helps to develop positive art-making habits while having fun with the MassArt community. Day 1: apple Day 2: birds Day 3: bat Day 4: candy Day 5: travel…

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  • All the Peels

    All the Peels

    “Peel all the love” with this cute, little Cavendish banana sending out finger hearts into the universe.

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  • Little Subway Lines

    Little Subway Lines

    All aboard! It’s the orange line…green, red, blue, purple and bus lines from Boston ready to take you anywhere…for the most part. blue subway city bus green subway orange subway purple subway red subway

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  • Little Dumpling

    Little Dumpling

    This little dumpling bringing delicious joy and happiness.

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  • Little Cutie

    Little Cutie

    This happy little cutie will brighten up any day with that sweet smile.  

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  • Baby Bok Choy

    Baby Bok Choy

    I love how the leafy green parts came out – especially the plant veins. More kawaii produce drawings on the way.

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  • Little Fuzzy Squash

    Little Fuzzy Squash

    Little Fuzzy Squash joy.

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